Check out these useful hints and tips…

There’s no better way to bring your wedding reception or party to life than through hiring a great live band. A live performance can bring a genuine air of excitement to any event and people love being able to interact with real musicians.

If you are thinking about hiring a live band for a function, here are some questions you might want to ask.

Will the band get people onto the dance floor?
You want your guests to have a fantastic time, right? But how can you be sure your band will be up to the task? The only way to find out is to go and see the band playing live. Are they playing tunes your guests will want to dance to? Is their set list likely to appeal to a broad cross section of age groups? Are they interacting with their audience?

Most bands play public gigs or, at the very least, should be happy for you to go along to a band rehearsal. If not, alarm bells should be ringing. Never ever book a live band without first seeing them perform.

Disco Odyssey regularly performs in public. This gives you the chance to meet the musicians who’ll actually be playing at your party or wedding reception.

Can I rely on the band showing up?
No band can give a cast-iron 100% guarantee that they’ll turn up. An illness or accident can strike anyone at any time. We recommend you always sign a contract so you know where you stand if the band are unable to perform. In particular, ensure that any deposit you pay is fully refundable.

It’s worth checking too how long a band has been established. Is it one that is being put together at the last minute with session musicians? Also, check out any testimonials the band has. You could even ask to speak to a previous client for added reassurance.

Disco Odyssey has never had to let a client down yet. But if the situation did arise we are confident we have the connections to arrange an alternative solution, either in the form of another band or a DJ.

What happens when the band aren’t on stage?
When talking to a band ask them whether they can provide music in between their live performances. Most bands offer a disco service free of charge. If you’d prefer to compile your own play list then make sure the band will be able to plug your device into their sound system.

Disco Odyssey provides a free disco service as part of our overall package and can plug in mobiles and tablets to our sound system. Just ask for further details.

My venue has a noise limiter. Does this matter?
Yes. Noise limiters can be set to varying levels and can result in the band experiencing a sudden cut in their power supply. Not only does this mean the music will come to an abrupt halt but it could also be dangerous for the musicians.

Like many other bands Disco Odyssey is unable to play at venues that have noise limiters installed. If it’s not too late we would recommend you choose an alternative venue.

Can I select the songs the band plays?
No two events are ever the same – each requires a different approach to create the right atmosphere. While a band should always try to accommodate your musical preferences you will need to give them the flexibility to choose the songs that experience tells them will work best.

Disco Odyssey has an extensive set list from which to choose the right songs. We welcome your suggestions and requests but we do ask that you leave the final musical running order to us, to ensure the event flows smoothly.

How much space does a live band require?
It will of course depend on the size of the band but as a guide we would suggest a minimum of 5 metres in width and 3 metres from front to back.

Disco Odyssey can fit into some fairly compact spaces if required. If your venue doesn’t have a stage, we would suggest you use the above as a guideline when discussing the floor-plan with your event coordinator.

Are there any other questions I should be asking?
It may seem obvious but please do check your venue has a music licence and is able to accommodate a live band. Also, the members of the band will need feeding, even if it’s just a round of sandwiches. And finally, the band will need somewhere to get changed. Most venues should be happy to provide a room for this purpose, free of charge.

Disco Odyssey are one of the best live wedding bands and party bands in Kent and the surrounding counties. Drop us a line with any questions you may have and we’ll get straight back to you with an answer.